The Essentials of Cleaning the Bathroom

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The kitchen might be the heart of your house. However, your bathroom is considered a haven. It is the haven of purity. It is where you and your family spend several times a day for personal hygiene tasks. But, if it isn’t regarded and cleaned thoroughly, it can’t be considered as a haven. 


How Clean is a Clean Bathroom? 

You will generally be wanting to clean the noticeable parts that are the most prone to getting dust and dirt before you begin cleaning the bathroom. But, you’ve got to remember that there is more than meets the eye. This is particularly true when it comes to the room’s cleanliness.  

There always will be particular places in the bathroom that you require help. Thus, hiring a reliable residential cleaning service Pittsburgh will be your ideal option.  

Keeping the Bathroom Clean 

Homeowners desire for a clean bathroom. However, it can be hard to maintain a room that is prone to mold, dirt, and rust. Thus, even if it isn’t fun, it is important that you take comprehensive care of your bathroom. Lack of attention and effort can cause unwanted damage to your bathroom in the future. 

Shower Curtains and Window Screens 

Curtains and window screens are more prone to dirt and dust build-ups, unlike other bathroom appliances and fixtures. It must go through the window before dirt and dust can build-up anywhere around your bathroom.  

The dust and dirt build-ups in the curtains and window screens can have a huge influence on the cleanliness of the air inside your bathroom. 

Making Your Faucet Debris-Free and Clean 

Mineral deposits can collect inside the spout of your faucet, just like your showerhead. One example of this is limescale. If the aerator gets clogged, depending on the faucet, water pressure can be greatly affected.  

You can easily clean the aerator and other parts with the use of white vinegar if you disassemble the sink’s nozzle. White vinegar is the ideal agent against limescale. This will make your faucet clean and debris-free. 

Dust in the Returns, Air Vents, and Fans 

Returns, air vents, and fans are the items that are vital to cleanliness. The reason for this is that it keeps the air in your bathroom circulating and clean. Instead of settling for dusting the surface of the fan, an effective way to do a deep clean is to use a vacuum.  

In addition to that, by spraying a dusting wand with tea tree oil solution, vinegar, and water, you can naturally disinfect and freshen the air.  

Dust in the Light Fixtures and Bulbs 

Since it is one of the most exposed items inside your bathroom, light fixtures and light bulbs are also prone to dust. In addition to that, even the most microscopic and smallest dust particles will become attached to the microfibers if you use it while cleaning.  

You’ve got to get rid of focal light bulbs such as glass globes. You can clean its surface without breaking the bulb if you only use a glass cleaner.  

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